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MAVERICK Announces International Energy Partnership with Blackwater Energy

COLUMBIA, Ill., March 31, 2005 — MAVERICK Technologies and Blackwater Energy Limited announce the formation of an international energy partnership between the companies to focus on opportunities in Africa.“Our relationship with Blackwater Energy will allow us to continue providing first class service to our international clientele,” said MAVERICK CEO Paul Galeski. “The nature of this partnership enhances MAVERICK’s interactive involvement with locations around the world.”

Blackwater Energy, a division of Index Brook Limited and a leading company in the Nigerian and Angolan oil and gas industry since 1989, works with its partners to provide oilfield services in Africa’s growing energy sector. “Working with MAVERICK’s wealth of knowledge and experience in the oil and gas industry, we are able to apply global development strategies to our projects for oil and gas operators in West Africa,” said Barry Adedamola, Blackwater Managing Director.

The partnership will allow MAVERICK to provide in-country support and services to the Angolan and Nigerian oil markets. “Our intention is to utilize and develop local skill sets and resources for our projects in this region,” said Andy Shelton, MAVERICK Vice President of Automation Solutions. “This is an exciting opportunity, and I am confident that this partnership will heighten our ability to support our clients and operate as a true global organization. This partnership combined with the recent formation of a global alliance extends MAVERICK’s presence from the U.S. to Europe, Asia and now Africa.”

About Blackwater Energy
Blackwater Energy specializes in oil and gas exploration and production projects in Nigeria, Angola and elsewhere in West Africa. Blackwater Energy is partnering with international concerns to facilitate transfer of technology and expertise to the local oil and gas industry.

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