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MAVERICK Announces Strategic Alliance with MPE — Expands Global Capabilities

COLUMBIA, Ill., June 28, 2005 — MAVERICK Technologies, MPE Industrial Automation Europe (Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands) and MPE Industrial Automation Asia (Bangkok, Thailand) announce the formation of a strategic technology alliance, named Global System Integrators Alliance (GSIA), between the three companies. “GSIA will provide both MAVERICK and MPE with a global reach,” said MAVERICK CEO Paul Galeski. “We will have the ability to provide technology solutions seamlessly across the world while enabling each company to offer its customers a more comprehensive range of business consulting and industrial automation services.”

The MPE organizations in Europe and Asia provide automation and machine systems control expertise to their customers. Commenting on this new development, Frank van Baal, MPE Managing Director (Asia), said, “MAVERICK brings a significant geographic presence in North America. GSIA broadens our traditional area of influence and services in addition to adding business systems consulting to our mix.” GSIA is targeted to global organizations interested in standardizing their manufacturing methodologies, training and reporting procedures and service requirements. “For these organizations,” explains MPE Managing Director (Europe) Ad Manders, “the alliance between MPE and MAVERICK enables us to handle the requirements of global companies through dependable and repeatable support worldwide.”

GSIA gives access to U.S. locations as well as the convenience of several worldwide locations, including The Netherlands, Belgium, England, Germany, Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines and Vietnam. The alliance partners have over 20 locations and 400 professionals, deep collective technical expertise and a common project execution methodology.

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