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MAVERICK Technologies CEO Paul Galeski Offers Supplier Testimonial for Food Engineering’s ProcessTechnologyXchange Program

COLUMBIA, Ill., June 29, 2006 — MAVERICK Technologies CEO and founder Paul Galeski recently offered a supplier testimonial for Food Engineering magazine’s ProcessTechnologyXchange (PTX) program. The program creates relationships between processors and manufacturers in the food and beverage industry. In his quote, Galeski says he appreciates the PTX program because it allows participants to bypass costly and time-consuming meetings in order to more quickly ascertain the potential of the business relationship.

As Galeski told PTX, “Here I can look at these people in the eyes and determine if there is a viable opportunity or not. And the worst thing in the world…losing is one thing…spending a lot of money when you’re not even in the game is even worse…that’s just bad business. PTX is a good investment of my time and money. None were here other than to just do business.”

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