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MAVERICK’s Jeff Putnam Featured in ISA’s August CAP® Profile

COLUMBIA, Ill., October 18, 2006 — Jeff Putnam, Senior Engineer at MAVERICK Technologies, recently acquired his Certified Automation Professional® (CAP®) certification. The August 2006 issue of CAPacity, the ISA’s newsletter for CAP designees, highlighted Putnam’s experience with the certification program and its importance to his career.

Because MAVERICK’s president helped create the CAP program, the company was keenly aware of the program’s significance and paid for Putnam’s certification exam in 2004. Putnam said he hopes that the certification will be required for future projects, as it is already recognized and sometimes requested in the work he does at MAVERICK. Putnam currently supervises the upgrading of a client’s automation system.

For those pursuing their CAP certification, Putnam recommends taking the ISA review course and reviewing course references while studying for the CAP exam. The process taught him a lot, and he plans to renew his certification in December 2007.

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