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MAVERICK Technologies Speaks Out on Training in Control Magazine

COLUMBIA, Ill., April 28, 2007 — MAVERICK Technologies contributed to an article on training best practices in the April issue of Control magazine. Kelly Hoffmann, MAVERICK’s director of learning and development, is quoted in the article as stating that employee training increases morale. Employees enjoy knowing that their employer is willing to invest in them and their future. She adds that training actually helps retain employees, rather than the opposite.

The article goes on to list other benefits of training, including increased productivity, teamwork building, problem-solving skills development and easier recruiting. The challenges of training include the time and budget allotment, as well as having to continually repeat training to stay current as technologies evolve.

The article also offers advice: The best training is specific to the employee, and while on-the-job training with a mentor is ideal, this method is not practical. The worst training sessions involve long stretches of lecturing and presentations, while the best options are off-site, Web-based or one-on-one.

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