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APC Project for CITGO

CITGO Petroleum Corporation has just awarded a contract to CFPA, (MAVERICK’s affiliate for Advanced Process Control) for design and implementation of APC on its new CV-1 Crude Atmospheric & Vacuum Distillation Unit at the Lake Charles, LA, manufacturing complex.

The scope of the project includes a combination of Inferred Properties (for prediction and control of key distillate product qualities); Advanced Supervisory/Regulatory Control (ASC) of key variables, such as fired heater outlet temperature; and model-predictive, multi-variable control (MPC) utilizing Honeywell’s RMPCT™ MPC software. Two RMPCT controllers will be implemented: one for the Atmospheric Column and one for the Vacuum Column. The ASC control variables will be used in the MPCs as important manipulated variables (MVs). The project will begin in April and will require about nine months to complete.

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