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MAVERICK Technologies to Provide Engineering Support for New Baghouse at Steel Product Manufacturing Facility

Columbia, Ill., April 18, 2008 — MAVERICK Technologies will provide definition, design, programming and start-up support services for the new baghouse at a major steel product manufacturing facility. Specifically, MAVERICK’s engineering support will include functional specification development, drawings, programming and start-up assistance. MAVERICK will also provide the electrical engineering needed for programming the new GE PACS processor; enclosure layouts and connection drawings; and the design for the remote input / output drops. Representing the client, MAVERICK will work with the general contractor to ensure compliance with the existing electrical standards.

In this project, MAVERICK’s configuration services will support chassis communications, remote connectivity and program support, operator interface communications, communications with other controllers, system input / output modules, device network communications and logic sequence management.

The logic is required for device control and interlocking, interlocking signals and communications to other controllers, automated control sequence functionality, HMI monitoring and control, alarm functionality and support of database communication functionality and simulation testing.

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