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MAVERICK Technologies Integrates Real-Time Data into Refinery Gauging System

Columbia, Ill., May 13, 2008 — MAVERICK Technologies announced today that it recently provided a new system to integrate real-time production data with the wireless, solar-powered tank level gauging system at a major oil refinery. The radio system needed to be able to communicate with existing protocols, and the data had to be integrated into the existing distributed control system (DCS). The wireless, solar-powered approach eliminated expensive and complex wiring logistics.

Working closely with the client and the original equipment manufacturer, MAVERICK integrated the tank level data, designed the human–machine interface (HMI) graphics and overcame multiple programming and design hurdles in the course of fitting modern instrumentation and systems into the aging production facility and storage tanks. Many of the installations had to be field-designed because of the tanks’ unique features. The remote location and extreme weather caused various logistical challenges throughout the process.

In the end, the project met all of the client’s expectations and did not require any major modifications to its power and communications infrastructure. The system was delivered at a fraction of the cost of a hard-wired, conventionally powered system.