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MAVERICK Technologies Featured in Control Design Magazine Safety Article

Columbia, Ill., May 21, 2008 — MAVERICK Technologies is featured in a new Control Design magazine article on safety: “Proceed with Caution.”

The article quotes MAVERICK’s director of environmental health and safety, Gene Niewoehner, regarding the correct and accurate nature of machine safety theories and standards. As spokespeople from other companies note, it is the improper application of these standards that causes problems.

The article also highlights examples of accidents, all of which could have been prevented if operators had taken the correct precautions. To avoid hazards, machines must also be designed so that the safety mechanisms do not inhibit ease of use or maintenance. Machines must also allow operators to fix jams and other common problems quickly, with minimal downtime. Otherwise, operators will become frustrated will be more likely to bypass sensors and ignore alarms.

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