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MAVERICK Technologies Provides Insight on Causes of Accidents in Control Magazine Article

Columbia, Ill., May 29, 2008 — MAVERICK Technologies helps answer a key question this month in Control magazine: why is safety so hard? Accidents still happen, so writer Dan Hebert wonders whether the safety standards are inadequate or simply implemented poorly.

The article firmly places the blame on poor implementation and proves this answer with a quote from MAVERICK’s director of environmental health and safety, Gene Niewoehner: “Safety theories and standards are correct and accurate,” he says. “The theories are based on physics, chemistry and available technologies to control conditions and a series of sometimes unrelated events which can result in catastrophic failure. The safety standards and methodologies used today build layers of protection that guard against potentially harmful events.”

The article goes on to explain that many companies may say safety is a priority, but the reality of daily operations demonstrates the opposite. Many companies are lacking in training, safety expertise, alarm management and operator interface design. Plus, it is extremely challenging to keep standards current as technology advances. Improper implementation and risk assessment also contribute to the rate of accidents. The article concludes with advice for anyone trying to implement a successful safety program that will truly eliminate accidents.

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