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Meet Our Leaders

At MAVERICK Technologies, our dedicated management group is made up of talented engineers, automations specialists, consultants and IT professionals with an unwavering focus on success — including yours. As mentors, they openly share their industry knowledge and practical experience; as leaders, they offer total transparency and accessibility.

Meet some of the members of our leadership team who help make MAVERICK a great place to work:

Paul J. Galeski
CEO and Founder
“The product we offer is the collective genius of our people.”
Paul Dunn
Vice President, Sales
“We’re in the business of manufacturing technology solutions, not selling hardware.”
Larry Ray
Vice President, Corporate Services
“Our employees are our primary asset, and we empower them to make a difference. The growth potential and career paths are unlimited.”
Suzanne Scrabis
Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration
“Being a ‘maverick’ means thinking outside the box all the time and having the ability to effect change at all levels of an organization.”
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