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Engineer Rotation Program

The MAVERICK Technologies Engineer Rotation Program is designed to help entry-level engineers gain a better understanding of MAVERICK as a whole, while developing them into the best process control engineers they can be.

This program is intended to expose engineers to the key components of MAVERICK:

  • Proposal and Estimating Group (PEG) — Shadow PEG and support a proposal / estimate.
  • Sales — Support a sales meeting with Business Development Managers (BDM).
  • Operational Consulting (OpCon) — Support a consulting engagement.
  • DCSNext — Support migration front-end loading (FEL) opportunity.
  • PlantFloor24 — Work with our 24/7 customer remote support team.
  • Design Team — Work with design team on a project.

The six-month rotation program starts with a two-week MAVERICK orientation at the corporate office. These weeks include getting to know the insights of MAVERICK and hands-on training with PLCs and HMIs. This will also be the engineers’ first opportunity to network with their peers. The individuals in this orientation will come from all over the country, each bringing different strengths to the team.

After orientation, the engineers return to their assigned office and their journey into life as process control engineers begins. They will work with their managers to map out a six-month development plan to ensure they are exposed to areas that match their interests.

In addition, this program will require monthly calls with the workforce development lead and the other rotation members. During these calls the engineers will go over any assigned trainings and share current experiences.