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Employee Testimonials

Here’s what MAVERICKs have to say about working here:

“I think MAVERICK is a great place to work because MAVERICK so clearly cares about its employees. I'm proud to be a part of a company that strives to get all of its employees connected and growing in their careers. I haven't heard of other companies that have "Meet the President" sessions or anything like that, that allows new employees to get to know the leadership of the company. Also, MAVERICK is constantly sending out information about benefits, safety and opportunities within the company with the aim of helping the employees grow. I am definitely proud to be a MAVERICK!”
Sr. Consultant
“There are three considerations that are essential for job satisfaction (to me, anyway): the work you do must be important, your work accomplishments must be recognized by management, and your efforts must be properly compensated. MAVERICK has done a good job in all three areas. That is why I can say, as I transitioned from a small engineering business owner to an employee of MAVERICK, I am equally satisfied in this new situation and am proud to be a MAVERICK. No ‘cheesiness’ intended.”