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Phased Retirement Program

You love what you do. You’re good at it. You’ve been doing it for years. But while overcoming challenges and solving problems has always been a part of your career, retirement brings a new set of concerns. You’ve earned your retirement, but you enjoy the financial security of working — and you don’t want to give up your connection to the industry.

MAVERICK Technologies’ phased retirement program offers the best of both worlds for newly retired employees or those planning to retire.

As a phased retiree, you’ll be a valued part of our workforce, bringing expertise and skill to the projects our engineers face every day. Flexible work arrangements allow you to keep your skills sharp while transitioning gradually toward retirement. And with available employer-sponsored health care and welfare benefits, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be prepared for whatever lies ahead.

To be eligible for the MAVERICK phased retirement program, candidates must:

  • Be at least 55 years old
  • Meet all qualifications for their desired position
  • Successfully complete the full interview process and background checks

Phased retirees can choose one of the two plans below that best fits their needs.

Plan One: Formal

  • 30-hour workweek
  • Regular employee benefits, including insurance, paid time off, and holidays
  • 401(k) after 1,000 hours
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Plan Two: Informal

  • Project-based, no set time commitment per week
  • No employee benefits
  • 401(k) after 1,000 hours
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