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Professional Development

MAVERICK is committed to employee development and professional growth. To help our employees reach their full potential, both personally and professionally, MAVERICK offers:

  • Challenging assignments
  • Empowerment through new responsibilities
  • Tuition reimbursement and assistance with professional certifications
  • Diverse projects, technologies, industries, challenges and experiences
  • Employee surveys and other opportunities to help make a difference
  • MAVERICK University programs

We care about what our employees think. In fact, our Workforce Development Team was established for this very purpose. The team is dedicated to the development and growth of our talented employees throughout their careers. We regularly solicit employee feedback on presentations, meetings and events through anonymous surveys. The Workforce Development Team uses this information to help us:

  • Position MAVERICK as the industry thought leader
  • Position our employees as a long-term competitive advantage
  • Retain employees
  • Improve utilization of our resources
  • Align core competencies with our culture, mission and values
  • Define and cultivate career paths

We have a comprehensive onboarding program designed to integrate employees into MAVERICK more quickly, and because it is developed from continuous employee feedback, we know new employees are getting the most effective onboarding experience. Onboarding starts the moment a new employee is hired. It expands beyond a traditional orientation to provide a richer experience to better engage our employees through their first 90 days.

Our onboarding program is a standardized method of providing training and resources to new employees. It aligns expectations and engages new MAVERICKs through learning and development opportunities, just-in-time training, and various teaching styles designed to reach everyone.

We use peers as mentors, which develops leadership skills in our staff and provides reliable resources for our new hires — both during and after the first 90 days.

Training programs are built into onboarding and include sessions on policies, benefits, safety and core competencies.