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Inside DCSNext®:
Straight Talk on
DCS Migration

A roundtable discussion with MAVERICK’s industry leaders.

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DCS Next
I used to
have a DCS problem.
DCSNext was the solution.

Now I have visibility into my total cost of ownership. Find out how >

I used to
have a DCS problem.
DCSNext was the solution.

I was able to migrate with minimal downtime. Find out how >

DCS Gap Identification

Part 2 – Avoiding Mistakes Through Design and Migration Planning


    DCS Top 10

    We’ve compiled a mountain of research and identified The 10 Essential Elements of a Successful DCS Migration. Packed with critical information, it’s just a click away.

      A DCS Migration Solution That Delivers Real Results

      MAVERICK Technologies has harnessed decades of knowledge to create a true breakthrough in distributed control system (DCS) migration: DCSNext. More than a simple I/O or equipment replacement, DCSNext helps manufacturers leverage the complete benefits of the latest DCS technology in order to improve productivity, agility and profitability. Our DCS consulting team leverage MAVERICK’s platform independence and proven methodology to deliver a DCS migration solution that meets both operations and business needs.

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