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Siemens Automation Services and Support

Siemens Automation Technology Services and Support

Many European manufacturers depend on SIMATIC PCS 7 and other Siemens automation technology products to keep their operations running smoothly. Because of the small market footprint in the United States, Siemens pricing is often highly competitive in this country, making the platform a cost-effective control solution for many manufacturers. Even U.S. manufacturers who primarily use other brands of control products may have specialized equipment from European OEMs that requires Siemens platform support from time to time. Whenever you need implementation services or support for Siemens automation technology products, MAVERICK Technologies® is the right partner to provide it.

Why MAVERICK Technologies

Most systems integrators have absolutely no experience working with the Siemens platform, but MAVERICK has several Siemens experts on staff, and actively recruits and trains new resources on the Siemens platform. One member of our team even worked for Siemens for five years and has experience with PLC programming, VFD drives and instrumentation. In sum, our team has a more comprehensive, deeper understanding of Siemens controls, as well as process knowledge.

MAVERICK is a North American Simatic IT MES Practice Partner. Simatic IT is Siemens’ sophisticated, highly scalable MES that conforms to the ISA S95 standard. Several MAVERICK personnel have direct experience in managing and executing Simatic IT projects for a variety of process industries. We’re specially qualified to implement Siemens products in the best way for your specific work environment. That’s because we already know your manufacturing processes inside and out. The comprehensive line of Siemens control hardware and software may be found in any industrial control application utilizing PLC-based control, and we’re skilled in optimizing these controls for all major industries. We’ve worked exclusively for manufacturers since our founding in 1999, developing deep domain expertise in the four main areas of manufacturing: the shop floor, operations, the supply chain and the back office. All that insight adds up to a superior understanding of enterprise interoperability.

Expert Services for Siemens Platform Implementation and Optimization

We manage every step of your project to meet your objectives quickly, completely and with maximum return on investment. Depend on us to deliver the following for your Siemens system:

  • Automation Solutions — We’ll leverage the Siemens platform to realize improvements across your plant through automation engineering and process automation services.
  • Advanced Process Control — We can help you improve quality management, cut energy costs and enhance your overall performance.
  • Manufacturing IT services — We’ll enable real-time information transfer, productivity increases and improved visibility by fully integrating your systems.
  • Field services — We’ll supply the instrument technicians and other technical resources, along with the strategies and processes, to enable a successful installation.
  • HMI Software Design — We’ll help you migrate your HMI system and implement new guidelines for safety and efficiency.
  • And much more — See our full spectrum of services.

Recent Siemens Platform Projects

We have a long history of installing large Siemens systems for a large digital signal processor. And we are currently programming the hazardous process materials (HPM) process for a major technology company utilizing the SIMATIC PCS 7 platform. We continue to get new calls requesting our services and support with Siemens automation technology, and we look forward to helping you with yours.


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