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Inside DCSNext: Straight Talk on DCS Migration

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DCS migration takes years to complete. You've probably never had to handle an upgrade this big — or at least not since the '90s. And a lot has changed since then.

At MAVERICK Technologies, we talk to manufacturers every day who have tons of questions about how to approach their DCS migration. Our top automation engineers recently provided answers during a roundtable discussion — and it's now available on video for you.

Get answers to these questions (and many more):

  • How do I get funding for my DCS migration?
  • Who are the stakeholders and how should they be engaged?
  • How does upfront planning impact total project cost?
  • Why should I bother with a migration if my plant is running?
  • How do I subjectively evaluate vendor capabilities?

Don't miss the opportunity to hear platform-independent advice and real-world examples from industry leaders.