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Pulp & Paper Webinar: Get an A with 3 Fs

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Many of today's mills are faced with the challenge of a legacy installed base of automation. It's easy to confuse migration with replication, because that's the way many suppliers approach it. But if you simply replicate your existing system using newer hardware, you'll also replicate existing issues. And you'll waste a prime opportunity — maybe the only one you'll get — to optimize the way you operate.

In this webinar we will use the following three Fs to help answer common questions about capital funding, real-time process information and today's latest technologies:

  • Find and identify opportunities
  • Fund improvements: develop ROI for capital funding
  • Future proof your automation investments

Meet the Panel

James Payne
Business Development Manager, MAVERICK Technologies

Tim Shope
NA Global Process and Industry Consultant Manager, Rockwell Automation