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Though startup and commissioning accounts for barely 5% of all operations,
it’s during these types of non-routine activities that 70% of major accidents occur.

What’s non-routine for you is everyday for us.

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When it comes to your plant’s operations, you’re the expert. But startup and commissioning isn’t part of your daily schedule. You might deal with it only once every couple of years.

U.S. industries suffer from an aging workforce where few plant personnel have adequate experience with startup and commissioning. The resulting loss of solid startup practices can lead to poor execution, which increases safety concerns, reduces post-startup reliability and leads to timeline delays. Every minute your team spends performing non-routine duties increases the likelihood of an accident. Every minute past your scheduled startup date is money wasted and revenue lost.

That’s why there’s SureStart. Our 100+ commissioning and construction managers, technicians and electricians perform more than 50 startups each year. We work in parallel with construction efforts and partner with your team to minimize downtime, enhance reliability and finish ahead of schedule. By drawing on the efficiencies gained through eStart, our breakthrough digital commissioning tool, and 200,000+ hours of collective annual experience, our proven process helps you start up smarter — and sooner.