Welcome to PlantFloor24

Today was the grand opening of MAVERICK’s new 24/7 Operations Center.

This occasion marks the official launch of PlantFloor24, the world’s first full-service, platform-independent, 24/7 hardware, software and process support solution. You’ll be hearing a lot about PlantFloor24 over the next few weeks — and about operational support and improvement. This concept will change how plants maintain, monitor and optimize their assets.

“This solution really comprises a spectrum of offerings. On one end, you have manufacturers that will outsource a large portion of their automation services, and on the other you have manufacturers that are just looking for resource augmentation.”
– Peter Esparrago, senior consultant

Today, customers, partners and members of the media toured our new operations center, where we have resources on-call 24/7/365.

“It’s a fully secure operational center with remote monitoring, biometric hand scans, backup generators and war-room style views into operations,” said Kirk Norris, senior vice president, Strategic Manufacturing Solutions.

Not only will this center and the PlantFloor24 solution be a lifeline for manufacturing facilities, it will provide manufacturers across the globe with the ability to:

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Augment staff with multidisciplinary skills
  • Improve asset management

Thanks to everyone who made our grand opening a success. We look forward to ongoing dialogue across all of our communication channels as we continue to roll out PlantFloor24. This launch truly changes the game, finally addressing some of the major gaps that have held manufacturers back in the quest for integrated operational efficiency.


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