Developing A New Breed of Automation Professionals

Friends in manufacturing:

I often say that at MAVERICK Technologies, industrial automation is in our DNA. It’s more than what we do; it’s what we love. In fact, the collective talent of MAVERICK translates to more than 12,000 man-years of experience in industrial automation. Our 500+ professionals share a passion for automation and a process for problem solving. The combination of people, process and passion give us the ability to truly effect change — and positive change is our mission.

I am happy to announce that MAVERICK has signed a Premier Strategic Partnership with the International Society of Automation (ISA). This multi-year agreement makes MAVERICK ISA’s Systems Integration Partner, which I believe is a perfect fit for our organization. Our ultimate goal is to be globally recognized as the thought leaders in industrial automation. ISA sets the standard for automation, and through this partnership we gain the standing needed to help drive this standard. With an estimated 40% of automation professionals retiring in the next five years, it is incumbent upon us to bring new blood into the workforce. My goal is to develop a new breed of automation professional, and that starts by ensuring people understand the profound positive impact automation has on manufacturing. Peter Welander of Control Engineering recently interviewed me on this subject, and during the interview I stated that, “people come to automation somewhat accidentally” — a trend we at MAVERICK intend to change. The video interview is available here, and I urge you to contact me if you have interest in collaborating on this effort.

Over the months ahead, you will see MAVERICK videos, case studies, white papers, webinars and more made available through ISA — all designed to inform and attract engineering professionals to the automation discipline. In addition to this partnership, we continue to dedicate resources to the development of MAVERICK University. This training and development tool combines real-world applications with a demand-based learning style that will revolutionize education and training in automation. The road will be long and there will be challenges along the way, but every journey begins with a first step and this partnership is a giant leap made in the right direction.


Thank you for your time.

Paul Galeski
CEO and Founder

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