Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.
– Benjamin Franklin

What Does Mentoring Mean at MAVERICK?

Mentoring means being a trusted advisor, creating and building a lasting relationship with an employee while assisting them to develop and grow professionally and personally for success. Employees (mentees) pair with more experienced co-workers (mentors) to gain knowledge, skills, experience, information and advice.

No matter the job level, MAVERICK offers employees the opportunity to participate and benefit from a mentoring relationship.

Program Overview

Our formal mentoring program involves a mentor working with the mentee to provide insight, perspective and support regarding personal growth objectives and goals within a confidential environment of experience sharing. Our program’s success comes from the commitment to foster personal responsibility, growth and development, structure and accountability to achieve desired outcomes for all participants.

To this end, the mentor and mentee must fully commit to the relationship, be open to feedback and challenges from others, and effectively share technical knowledge, skills and networks.

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