University Recruitment

We actively recruit new talent from the nation’s top universities, strengthening our team with fresh ideas from independent thinkers who want to begin their careers as MAVERICKs. We invest in our young recruits, offering on-the-job training and learning opportunities to help them develop and grow into the professionals they’ve always dreamed they could be.


Safety: Safety is our number 1 priority. We take every precaution to ensure the safety of our people. All employees participate in our environmental, health and safety (EHS) program, making personal well-being the highest objective of every project. If it’s not safe, we don’t do it.

Team-focused environment: Our product is the collective skill set of our people, making it essential for our employees to collaborate. To get the best quality results, we must value everyone’s ideas.

Management transparency: We believe our people are our most valuable asset, and it is important to have open communication and respect across all levels of the organization from our new hires to the CEO.

Careers without borders: Your career at MAVERICK can take you anywhere. We have 21 locations throughout the U.S. and various international opportunities that align with our customers’ growth. As we continue to grow, our global opportunities will increase.

Platform Independent: We provide a unique opportunity to work on multiple platforms in a variety of industries so your career is always challenging and exciting.

To learn more about our campus recruitment efforts and entry-level positions, please visit the pages below or contact Julia Carr, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist.

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