MAVERICK is now part of Rockwell Automation!

maverick_resized_linkedin.pngToday marks a historic moment for our organization. For 17 years, we have been known as MAVERICK Technologies. But from this point forward, we will be known as MAVERICK Technologies, A Rockwell Automation Company.

We’ve joined forces with Rockwell Automation to help strengthen customer support and accelerate the integration of The Connected Enterprise. Together, we will use information across our customer’s process applications and throughout their operations to:

Understand our customers best opportunities for improved productivity
Combine our differentiated technology and domain expertise to deliver positive business outcomes for our customers.
Continually simplify our customers experience to drive productivity

The increased flexibility this partnership offers our customers is something we’re really excited about. As the world’s largest company focused solely on industrial automation, Rockwell Automation has access to improved resources, which means that together we can provide even better customer support to a much broader market.

Rest assured that although we are now A Rockwell Automation Company, we’re still platform-independent. We have always prided ourselves on offering the best solution regardless of system or platform, and that’s not going to change. And through our full range of automation solutions – including field services, OpCon, enterprise integration, DCSNext and PlantFloor24 we will continue to provide our customers with enterprise-wide lifecycle support.

This is a large step for MAVERICK and a giant leap for the process automation industry. But you can trust that MAVERICK is still the same great company with the same great services. And with a Fortune 500 industrial automation leader by our side, we’re stronger than ever. Please visit our latest press release for more information.