Two MAVERICKs awarded Engineering Leaders

We are very excited to announce that not one, but two of our fellow MAVERICKs have been awarded an Engineering Leaders <40 Award by Control Engineering and Plant Engineering. MAVERICK???s Justin Robinson and Miguel Gutierrez have been included on a list that is comprised of dedicated engineers that give hope to the future of manufacturing. Read on to see what Control Engineering and Plant Engineering had to say about these outstanding young engineers. 

Justin Robinson, 30, Performance Excellence Specialist, Columbia, IL

Justin has experience working in an array of industrial manufacturing industries, on various distributed control system (DCS) platforms, and in multiple roles on MAVERICK project teams. Robinson has led significant DCS and human-machine interface (HMI) migration projects. He also supports coaching and mentoring of team members, and he is the subject-matter expert of high-performance graphics within MAVERICK, supporting the technical leadership of projects. Robinson started his career with MAVERICK as a process control engineer. He has since been promoted from Engineer I, Engineer II, and senior engineer to a principal engineer within 7 years due to his technical expertise, leadership, and customer support dedication. He is a licensed professional engineer as well as a certified automation professional (CAP), and he has led multiple roundtable presentations at industry conferences. Robinson was most recently promoted to a new role as a performance excellence specialist. In this role, Robinson leads company-wide initiatives for knowledge management???a process of capturing, developing, sharing, and effectively using organizational knowledge???to lead the continued improvements in standardization and information sharing at MAVERICK. Justin says that learning new things is the most fulfilling aspect of this career. Professionally, he enjoys learning coding, languages, processes, controls platforms, or work processes. When he is not working, he enjoys playing guitar with his church???s worship band as well as expanding his cooking and ???handyman??? skill sets.

Christy Sirianni, Director of Performance Excellence, believes that ???Through Justin???s career at MAVERICK, he has proven true leadership in any role whether it is working on customer teams, leading projects teams or driving corporate initiatives.  Justin leads with a vision and brings his passion for our industry and MAVERICK in everything he does with his positive attitude and dedication.???

Miguel Gutierrez, 35, Project Manager, Santa Ana, CA

Miguel combines many first-rate skills to make him an effective engineering leader at MAVERICK Technologies. He quickly learned the necessary technical skills early in his career and still demonstrates an ongoing personal drive to always know more. He engages with customers to understand their needs and with coworkers to encourage, help, and train them. Miguel knows what it takes to execute a project right the first time with the highest quality, keeping the team focused so that the customer is delighted and MAVERICK is the preferred choice for customers and employees. A liberal arts background forms the foundation of Miguel’s experiences. However, as he worked through school he acquired database programming experience that quickly translated him into the automation industry where he found an aptitude for human-machine interface and programmable logic controller development. He has consistently gained skills and executed increasingly complex projects through his career, pushing himself to excel in each task. An excellent performance record as a member of startup teams???and later as a leader of those teams???under challenging conditions has been key to his success. Miguel is always willing to make time to help teach a coworker, and he is a regular contributor to company blog posts that promote excellent work skills. As his career has advanced, he has learned the commercial aspects of the business. When he???s not working, he can be found at the Paintball Park with friends or preparing for his next Zombie Run or dragon boat race.

John Cramer, Operations Manager of Automation Services, feels that ???Miguel is a true leader within MAVERICK. He leads by example, he doesn???t make excuses, he fixes problems as they arise, and he truly cares about this fellow team members by always offering to help in any way he can. Miguel sets an excellent example of our new and senior engineers alike. I???m proud to have him on my team and MAVERICK is even prouder to have him as an employee.???

MAVERICK takes pride in empowering our employees to reach their full potential, offering a wide range of opportunities for personal and professional growth, both on campus and off. We are very proud of these two individuals and can???t wait to see where their career at MAVERICK takes them.

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