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When it comes to your DCS, you probably find yourself asking the same questions again and again. Questions like: How long can I continue to support my existing system? What happens if it fails and I don’t have the parts or people to fix it? How will I get capital funds approved for a migration?

The same questions that have you considering a DCS migration might also cause hesitation, but they shouldn’t. Because all of these concerns fall away once you stop seeing migration as just a replication of your existing system—and start seeing it as a once-in-a-career opportunity to optimize the way you operate.

That’s where MAVERICK can help. Performing more than 50 migration projects per year has allowed us to develop a proven full-service DCS migration process that helps operations become safer and more efficient.

From planning through post-migration support, DCSNext® leverages the latest technology and innovations to improve productivity, profitability and agility. Partner with us, and together we will find the best path forward.