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Automation Solutions for a Range of Applications

MAVERICK Technologies provides services for large and small organizations across major manufacturing and processing industries. We listen to our clients’ needs, and our deep understanding of industry-specific processes sets us apart in the marketplace. We think industry experience is so important, we include industry business leaders in every client project. Over the years, we’ve expanded our track record of implementing successful process control solutions by continuing to develop and refine our understanding of the automation landscape specific to your industry.

Food and Beverage

We ensure that you produce foods and beverages of the highest quality in every batch while complying with the latest government regulations. MAVERICK’s expertise ranges from recipe management and tracking and tracing to packaging. Learn more about how we serve the food and beverage industry >

Oil and Gas

MAVERICK delivers a range of engineering, consulting and automation services for the oil and gas industry. We’ve completed hundreds of projects in oil and gas production, transmission and refining. Learn more about how we serve the oil and gas industry >

Chemical Processing

We provide the insight and services you need to overcome your challenges in the biofuels and chemical and petrochemical processing industries — from regulatory compliance struggles to quality issues and more. Learn more about how we serve the chemical processing industry >

Power and Utilities

We’ll help you achieve your performance goals in this demanding industry. For example, we can help you maximize productivity and improve asset reliability while ensuring quality and regulatory compliance. Learn more about how we serve the power and utilities industry >

High-tech Manufacturing

We can help you navigate the technological advances and global demands of the high-tech manufacturing industry. We work with you to understand your challenges and develop a solution that’s right for you — from process control improvements to enhanced system reliability. Learn more about how we serve the high-tech manufacturing industry >

Pulp, Paper and Wood

MAVERICK works with you to maximize your investment in your woodyards, digesters, chemical recovery systems, power generation and utilities, off-machine operations, board mills and saw mills. We can implement a range of custom solutions to help you meet your goals. Learn more about how we serve the pulp, paper and wood industry >


Our teams can help you overcome your operational challenges — whether you need to improve quality, compliance, efficiency, asset reliability or other issues. MAVERICK’s solutions comply with 21 CFR Part 11 and are designed to meet your unique goals. Learn more about how we serve the pharmaceutical industry >

Consumer Packaged Goods

MAVERICK can provide a solution that meets your operational needs — from adaptive manufacturing and private labeling to less downtime, improved overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and more. Learn more about how we serve the consumer packaged goods industry >