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MAVERICK Technologies works across industries and platforms, helping manufacturers overcome their production challenges so they can perform at their potential. With 500+ professionals working out of 19 U.S. locations, MAVERICK has completed 10,000+ successful projects in 45 countries. We’ve compiled many of our case studies here in this project gallery. If you don’t see one related to your specific industry, platform or process, just contact us and we’ll discuss our relevant experience with you.

Commissioning and Start-up of World’s Largest Utility
MAVERICK was contracted to support the commissioning and start-up of a new GE installation for the first Integrated Independent Water and Power Project (IWPP) in Saudi Arabia, producing 2800 MW and 210 MGD of water in Jubail City. The successful project was the world’s single largest utility and first IWPP in Saudi Arabia. Download case study >

Biofuels Company Builds Synthetic Diesel Facility
A leading biofuels company partnered with MAVERICK as its Main Automation Contractor (MAC) to implement a turn‐key design and installation for a brownfield synthetic diesel facility. The manufacturer developed a 5,000 bbl/day brownfield synthetic diesel facility that uses animal fats, greases and vegetable oils as the primary feedstock, chemically modifying the feedstock in high‐pressure reactors resembling a refinery hydrotreater. Download case study >

BOP DCS Migration in Combined Cycle Power Facility
MAVERICK performed a complete balance of plant (BOP) DCS migration from Westinghouse WDPF to PlantPAx control system. Utilizing the DCSNext® process, the MAVERICK team delivered enhancement in operation control and on time restart of the facility after the I/O cutover. Download case study >

Product Manufacturers Easily Optimize CIP Systems
MAVERICK upgrades CIP systems and provides CIP editing software which allows easy management and optimization of CIP operations. Download case study >

Leading Food Manufacturer Plans Plant Expansions
A leader in authentic and premium food and beverage brands, including extended shelf life (ESL), organic, natural and indulgent favorites, partnered with MAVERICK to baseline current plant operations and develop a plan for upcoming plant expansions. Download case study >

New Capabilities for an Established Food & Beverage System
An international beverage manufacturer needed to add fruit juice processing capabilities to an existing carbonated beverage facility. They required a control system and manufacturing execution system to monitor and supervise this fully automated batch process. Download case study >

Major Producer of Soy Protein Seeks to Retain Competitive Edge by Streamlining Business Processes and Improving Data Availability “from the Plant Floor to the Boardroom.”
A global leader in the manufacturing and marketing of high-quality soy ingredients realized that in order to respond to stiffening competition, its business processes needed the agility to provide the right information to the right people at the right time. Download case study >

Manufacturers Utilize Auditing Techniques to Improve Beverage Packaging Efficiency
Many manufacturers aim to improve operational efficiencies of beverage packaging, generating bottom-line cost savings by reducing equipment outages and material waste and improving system throughput. MAVERICK has helped them achieve these goals through physical equipment assessments, machine downtime audits, production team interviews, root cause analysis, audit team observations and equipment line balancing. Download case study >

Major Chemical Manufacturer Improves Ethylene Oxide (EO) Selectivity and Extends Catalyst Life by Implementation of DCSResident Advanced Process Controls (APCs) and Operator Advisory Tools
EO operations personnel sought an improved control scheme that would ensure safe reactor operation while maximizing selectivity and extending catalyst life under widely varying process conditions. This manufacturer sought the help of MAVERICK to analyze the control problem and design and implement an effective solution. Download case study >

Major Plastics Manufacturer Increases Production and Reduces Operator Workload Through Advanced Process Control (APC)
A European manufacturer of high-value engineering plastics needed to boost its production rate to meet increased demand for Bisphenol A (BPA), a key intermediate, and the final product, a high-value polycarbonate resin. Although there were no immediate plans to install new equipment, and all other debottlenecking steps had already been performed, the manufacturer had to find a way to maximize its production of BPA. Download case study >

Fertilizer Manufacturer Implements Plant-Wide Systems Integration Solution
A manufacturer of water-soluble fertilizer needed to integrate its plant floor controls with its manufacturing execution system (MES) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to improve production monitoring and optimize plant utilization. Download case study >

Major Chemical Manufacturer Reduces Waste Disposal Costs Through Advanced Process Control (APC)
Due to site-wide production rate increases from several process units, the organic waste streams at a chemical plant had grown beyond the combustion capacity of its waste fuels boiler (WFB). Waste that wasn’t burned in the WFB had to be shipped off-site for disposal at a significant (per pound) cost to the business. Download case study >

Hydrotreater Advanced Process Control Improves Control of Product Sulfur Content
Due to frequent changes in the compositions and charge rates of mixed middle-distillate streams, the final product sulfur content of a diesel hydrotreating unit was subject to major upsets, thereby jeopardizing the ability of the refinery to maintain final blended diesel within mandated sulfur specification limits. Control of this most important process variable was a constant challenge for the process operators and was a source of major frustration. Download case study >

Major Petroleum Refinery Converts to New Digital Automation System
The client wanted to complete a platform migration as Phase I of a plant-wide modernization project. The client requested a Wonderware human machine interface (HMI) for the newly developed graphics. Download case study >

Fast-Paced Modernization of Generator Control Systems Meets Increased Power Demand
When Santee Cooper, a leading southeastern utility provider, inherited peaking generator with unreliable control systems, the company launched a modernization project to systems’ reliability and ease of operation. Unfortunately, the company lacked adequate monitoring capabilities and documentation regarding system maintenance. Download case study >

Industrial Power Plant Owner in Need of Process Control Programming — ASA
An owner of a new power plant uncovered problems with the control system programming. Three months from startup, the plant required immediate assistance to resolve programming and control issues in order to meet operational requirements. Download case study >

Advanced Automatic Generation Controls (AGC) in Power Plant
An independent power producer needed advanced AGC in order to achieve competitive, market-based, remote dispatch control certification. Download case study >

Manufacturer of Currency Paper Integrates Vision Inspection System to Ensure 100% Consistent Quality
A manufacturer of high-quality paper sought a vision inspection system that would ensure its U.S. currency paper consistently satisfied federal government standards. The speed, accuracy and 100% reliability of this system were essential. Download case study >

Airline Manufacturer Improves Accuracy of Testing with New Touch Probe Certification System
The project goal was to design and build a three-axis test system for recertifying touch probes used in the production and assembly of airplane parts and assemblies. The touch probes are ultra-accurate, ruby-tipped sensors used to verify machining and assembly tolerances on all aircraft to .0001 inch. The yearly recertification of the probes is required to meet current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) specifications, and the OEMs do not provide secondary testing or recertification services. Download case study >

Semiconductor Manufacturer Implements Facility Monitoring and Control System (FMCS)
The client required the design and installation of an FMCS to provide continuous monitoring and control of the cleanroom environment, utilities plant and support areas for its wafer fabrication facility. Download case study >

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility Requires Fast-Track Construction and Production with 100% FDA Compliance
A manufacturer of high-quality pharmaceutical eyewash solutions needed to establish new systems to ensure consistent satisfaction of Food and Drug Administration (FDA ) standards. The speed, accuracy and 100% reliability of these systems are essential. Download case study >

Power Plant Upgrades Control System
A Fortune 300 company selected MAVERICK to upgrade an existing Modicon 984 PLC control system used to manage the operation of the overall water demineralization process with a state of the art redundant Allen‐Bradley ControlLogix micro‐processor based control system. Download case study >

Leading Vinyl Compound Producer Leverages Wonderware MES
MAVERICK partnered with a major vinyl compound manufacturer to develop a manufacturing execution system (MES) based on Wonderware MES which retrieves process order data and returns finished goods, raw material consumption and downtime to the SAP enterprise system. Download case study >

Large American Brewery Performs Water Usage Study
A large brewery partnered with MAVERICK to perform a water balance and usage study. Download case study >

Data Acquisition System Developed for Solar Cell Stringer
MAVERICK was selected by a major supplier of photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing equipment to develop a data acquisition system for their flagship solar cell stringer. Download case study >

MAVERICK Develops MES Application with Recipe Management
MAVERICK was selected by a major supplier of PV manufacturing equipment to develop a MES application with integrated recipe management for their modular solar panel production line. Download case study >

Product Quality System Developed for Water Filtration Module Production Line
MAVERICK developed a product quality system (SCADA) for a new, flexible water filtration module production line of a major supplier of water filtration solutions. Download case study >

Water Filter and Purification System Manufacturer Implements MES Upgrades and Enhancements
MAVERICK was tasked with performing a risk analysis and deployment strategy for a system upgrade to the customer’s existing installations of Rockwell’s FactoryTalk ProductionCentre. Download case study >

Steel Plate Heat Treat Facility Develops Product Quality System
MAVERICK partnered with a major steel supplier to develop a system that proves the quality of each plate produced by documenting the product genealogy. In an industry awash with foreign imports, this supplier is able to differentiate its superior offerings from those of inferior producers through the use of this system. Download case study >

Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) Support for Smelter
MAVERICK was contracted to support the startup of HRSGs for the power block on the largest aluminum smelter complex in the Middle East in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Download case study >

Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) and Balance of Plant Support for Saudi Arabia
MAVERICK was contracted to support the commissioning and start‐up of a new GE installation in Saudi Arabia for the first Integrated Independent Water and Power Project (IWPP) in Saudi Arabia, producing 2800 MW and 210 MGD of water in Jubail City, Saudi Arabia. Download case study >

Leader in Bioproduct Feedstock Builds Second Pilot Plant
A company that develops high quality feedstock for the bioproduct and biofuel supply chain awarded a second contract to MAVERICK to provide engineering and to commission the control, human‐machine interface (HMI) and data historian systems for its second pilot plant. Download case study >

Major Pulp and Paper Producer Restarts Mothballed Mill
A major pulp and paper company partnered with MAVERICK to restart an integrated pulp and paper mill that had been shut down for two years. Download case study >