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Industrial Automation & Systems Integration Webinars

MAVERICK Technologies hosts webinars with leading industry experts on a variety of topics. View our webinars below, and contact us for our list of upcoming webinar dates and topics or to suggest a webinar topic.

Straight Talk on DCS Migration

Distributed Control System (DCS) migration is a highly challenging undertaking. You need to take the right approach, but what’s right isn’t always clear. That’s why MAVERICK Technologies hosted a webinar with ISA featuring a panel of top DCS experts. In this recording of the webinar, you’ll tap into more than 87 years of DCS experience. These are real engineers discussing real migrations and real results. There’s no hidden sales agenda. We just want you to know the truth about DCS migration — and how you can avoid the mistakes others have made.
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Alarm Management Bootcamp

Two of the industry’s top alarm management experts came together to share their insight into: Approaches for new and existing alarm management systems, The seven steps to a highly effective alarm system, Alarm management justification, And an overview of ISA-18.2-the alarm management standard. Watch this webinar to learn how you can improve your alarm management, and as an added bonus, almost an hour of QA time is included so you can hear what challenges others are facing and learn how the experts address their problems.
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Alarm Management Bootcamp: Practical Deployment

Learn the best start-to-finish strategies for getting your alarm management system up and running. Paul Berwanger, one of the industry’s top alarm system strategists shares his expertise with you—from establishing your alarm philosophy to assigning team roles and responsibilities—in this webinar recording.
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Front End Loading (FEL) for Control System Migration

Front-end loading (FEL) the engineering requirements and design phase of your control system upgrade will significantly reduce the amount of time, effort and money spent on the project. Watch this webinar to learn why FEL is critical to migration success. Three of the industry’s top control systems experts discuss migration challenges and how FEL can help streamline the process.
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