Performance Analytics

Enable Data-Driven Decisions

Understanding how your business is operating is the very root of success. Nothing will help you understand your business better than properly tracking and using your manufacturing operational data.

The professionals at MAVERICK Technologies® help manufacturers understand how their business operates by optimizing the way data is collected, organized and contextualized. The data can then be analyzed to create actionable information.

We really needed advice from a partner who understands our manufacturing process, and we got it from MAVERICK.

— Satisfied Customer, High-Tech Manufacturing

MAVERICK understands how to design data infrastructure by:

  • Leveraging data structure standards like ISA-95 and ISA-88
  • Storing production process data, such as temperatures, speeds, flow rates, etc. into a robust historian to archive, time stamp and compress the data for efficient storage and retrieval
  • Using relational databases for transactional data, such as process orders, quality test numbers, batch numbers, etc.

Do you have a data infrastructure in place?

Let us help you get value out of that data:

  • Process data is stored and protected in ways that make it effectively inaccessible to many who could use it for analytical purposes within your enterprise. A contextualized abstraction layer makes the right data available to the people who need it to advance your business, while protecting it within its natural environment, the automation systems layer.
  • The power of data is in the correlations that can be made. The highest value emerges when it is possible to marry the process data to the transactional data.
  • Used effectively, advanced analytics can help optimize performance across assets, materials, energy and yield. Organizations cannot do this singlehandedly. They need the power of advanced analytic cloud solutions and services.
  • We can help you adopt proven machine-learning and pattern-recognition techniques.

Enable the power of data socialization across your site or enterprise:

  • Effective, accurate and timely communication of your company’s key performance indicators (KPIs) is critical in keeping everyone informed
  • Performance dashboards indicating safety, quality performance, asset utilization, yield, orders, materials and energy consumption are effective internal socialization tools to share business performance metrics, leading to improvements
  • Different departments and roles hold diverging perspectives in reference to the data needs across your enterprise:
    • The VP of operations needs a wide macro view across all the operations
    • Line operators need a micro view, including the specifications for the products they’re making
    • The facility manager needs a combination of macro and micro views

Case Studies

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