Smart Manufacturing / IIoT

Find and Leverage

the Business and Operational Benefits of Modernization

Smart manufacturing and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have been getting a lot of attention recently across all industries. They bring together two concepts that have been evolving for many years:

  • Adding greater intelligence to more kinds of devices
  • Collecting and utilizing data generated by production assets

But when you look deeper, these two concepts are only part of the picture. Exciting new technologies and their corresponding benefit opportunities are emerging everywhere:

  • Cloud data storage
  • More sophisticated sensor and instrument networks
  • Data management systems and standards
  • More robust computing power
  • Advanced and predictive analytics
  • And others

Smart Manufacturing without Platform Bias

MAVERICK can work with you to look at these possibilities by taking a holistic, platform-agnostic look at your manufacturing system infrastructure. By overlaying your business objectives, we can help formulate a path forward that makes the most business sense for your company.

Applied correctly, these new technologies can help your manufacturing operation realize significant business benefits including:

  • Increased yield and throughput
  • Optimization of:
    • Material performance
    • Asset performance
    • Energy use
  • Increased agility to meet customer demands

The value of smart
manufacturing becomes
clear when you consider the
answers to these questions:

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What's new?

  • Intelligent connected devices
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Big data analytics on cloud platforms to unlock hidden insights
  • Manufacturing as a digital enterprise

Who cares?

  • Your shareholders: Smart manufacturing will improve your bottom-line
  • Your customers: They want more for less
  • Your employees: They want tools to let them do what’s needed, but better
  • Your competitors: They are not sitting still

Why now?

  • Value can be realized quickly
  • The speed of business change keeps accelerating
  • Customers will continue to be more demanding
  • Competitors are not going to stop innovating and improving

Why you?

  • You can provide leadership to find innovative ways to move your business forward
  • You can start now to transform your manufacturing into the factory of the future

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