Work Process Management

Empower Your Operators and Reduce Risk

While operators and other personnel receive extensive training, the knowledge individuals recall and can apply depends on how frequently they face various situations. Do your personnel have the tools and information they need to handle the entire scope of their job responsibilities, especially during incidents that occur infrequently?

Some of the most common challenges faced in a manufacturing operation are:

  • How easily can operators find the correct instructions, data and information to quickly perform a specific task when needed?
  • Will operators perform all the critical steps in the correct sequence?
  • Can we incorporate an automated audit trail showing who did what operation and when?
  • For complex, multi-role processes, how do we coordinate among roles and spread assignments throughout the operational area?

MAVERICK Technologies’ automation professionals have years of experience in applying work process management (WPM) tools to address these challenges.

An effective WPM mechanism will deliver many critical benefits:

  • Facilitates automated access to data from one or multiple systems
  • Provides standard operating procedure (SOP) documentation (down to the specific page / section), work instructions, etc., for operators and key personnel
  • Guides operators, graphically and contextually, through complex work processes such as:
    • Critical alarm responses
    • Quality test procedures
    • Rare but critical maintenance operations
    • Required regulatory reporting
  • Coordinates processes spanning multiple roles so the appropriate instructions for a specific role are issued only when the prerequisite roles and tasks have been completed
  • Captures and documents the experience of the most seasoned operators
  • Guides less experienced operators through the same work process sequence as more experienced operators
  • Provides a complete audit trail of who did what and when

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Technologies are available today to provide these benefits at a reasonable cost and within a relatively short period of time. Contact us today for an exploratory conversation to determine the best way to get started.