What’s Holding You Back?

We???ve spent the last few weeks talking to you about DCS migration. Why it???s important. Why, if not done properly, it can be very painful. And why DCS Next is different.

Now it???s time for you to talk to us. Start by answering a simple question: What???s holding you back?
We typically see three big reasons most companies wait to begin a DCS migration:

1. Cost. Completing a DCS migration can come with a price tag in the millions. But the cost of staying with a legacy system will eventually outgrow the cost of migration. DCS Next takes that cost into consideration. Our experts look at your entire business to give you visibility into your real total cost of ownership (TCO). This means we can highlight the parts of the project that will deliver the highest return first, and the first part of migration can help pay for the rest.

2. Business disruption. DCS migration can take years to accomplish. But it???s not the long-term that worries an enterprise the most. It???s the associated downtime and business disruption as systems are migrated. We understand. That???s why we develop your DCS Next solution to address your specific business needs. Your project will always move forward according to budget and scope, but we will also flex with the day-to-day needs of the facility. Your DCS Next solution will be sure to keep your plant operating efficiently during and after migration, minimizing disruptions to operations.

3. Resources. Nearly 40 percent of all the engineers qualified to perform a DCS migration will retire in the next five years. New engineers don???t study legacy systems and aren???t prepared for the countless compatibility issues they???ll encounter in a migration. So who???s going to help you? MAVERICK. We???ll be your only point of contact, continuously on-site or on call. Our project managers will work closely with you and your staff right on the plant floor. And since we take a platform-agnostic view to the solution, we are ready to work with whatever technology is right for you.

Now that those issues are covered, what???s left to stop you? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. Once you???re ready, go to DCSNext.com to start your DCS migration.

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